Top 10 Gas Grills between $250 and $500

Are you looking for a new gas grill that is worth between $250 and $500 based on the suggested retail price? If you are looking for such, then we recommend these grills for you to consider. Just be certain that in this price range, the grill that you will purchase should cook well. Furthermore, it must be durable for approximately five years.

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1. Huntington 3-Burner Model# 696264C


This is considered as the most excellent gas grill available in the market worth below $500 USD because of its equal cooking system. Specifically, the dual tube burners and the stainless steel gives off equal heating from back to front through a long lasting system which can be utilized for several years. However, its side burner is not that excellent. It is similar to a pot warmer with 10,000 BTU. Majority of individuals do not really use the side burner. But if you are one of the few who utilizes the side burner, then it would be better if you choose another grill instead. Conversely, it is with hope that Lowe will still be manufacturing this gas grill since it is one of the great deals for this year.

2. Weber Spirit E-210


Undeniably, a lot of people do not have huge yards. Because of such scenario, manufacturers have come up with a small two-burner grill equipped with fold down size tables. This type of grill still gives the owner the ability to cook in a full sized grill without occupying much space. At present, Weber has made enhancements on Spirit E-210. They have added a front control panel with the fold down tables. The two-burner grill now offers no frills while allowing the owner to have a complete grill experience despite being in a small area.

3. Broil-King Monarch 40


This model has been providing excellent grilling for many years already. That is why the physical features of this grill do not look modern. Despite its bland design, Broil King offers you a huge area of 520 square inches in which 350 square inches of it is intended for the primary cooking area. Moreover, the engineering of this product is superb. Hence, Broil King is excellent for people who take grilling seriously and for people who desire to have a grill that provides a high and equal heat with good control.

4. Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 2-Burner Model# DGP350SNP-D


This gas grill from Dyna-Glo is one of the basic mass market grills being sold for many years ago and up to present. It typically has two burners with no other features and it is available in a lot of stores like Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe's. Moreover, this grill is suitable for individuals who desire a full sized grilling even if they do not have a huge area.

5. Huntington Rebel Gas Grill Model# 612364


Huntington has two versions of gas grills, the Patriot and the Rebel. The Rebel is the less expensive model with a price of about $330 USD from Cabela's. The Rebel is a huge four-burner gas grill equipped with a side burner. The price of the grill is just reasonable since Onward Manufacturing has created it strong enough making it one of the most excellent grills that are difficult to beat.

6. Char-Griller Grillin Pro Model# 3001


In the past until present, Char-Griller has been manufacturing affordable smokers and charcoal grills. Currently, they are already producing gas grills in which the body is a modification of their original small charcoal grills. Specifically, the coal grate was changed with three burners. Moreover, a porcelain coated cast iron cooking grill and a heavy thermal painted steel body were added to the gas grill. Even if this model is not as expensive as the others, it basically works fine.

7. Master Forge 4-Burner Model# GD4833


A lot of grills are equipped with unnecessary features and there are those covered with glimmering but low quality materials. The Master Forge 4-Burner is not one of these grills. This grill is a proficient one for it precisely gives off the recommended amount of BTUs for its size. The structure of the grill is similar to expensive grills. Moreover, it poses good durability.

8. Minden Master Gas Grill


This compact gas grill is equipped with three burners which give off high and equal heat. It is worth $400 and it works great for its price. Furthermore, this gas grill is intended to be easily transported to the customers as seen by its small size and weight. You may add upgrades to this grill like stainless steel cooking grates, a full sized griddle, and a side burner which you can buy anytime.

9. Char-Broil Gourmet 4-Burner TRU-Infrared Model# 463251012


This model is the new name given by Char-Broil to its line of Infrared grills to highlight the technology they are using. This is the same grill that Home Depot and Char-Broil produced a year ago. Moreover, it works similar to majority of regular gas grills. The only difference is that, it has higher efficiency with its usage of "RED" technology. When you purchase the deluxe version, you will obtain more flexibility and strength with Char-Broil's side burner and outdoor oven.

10. Stok 4-Burner Quattro Gas Grill Model# SGP4330SB


The Stock 4-Burner Quattro is the best example of a major grill that is equipped with accessories. You can convert this grill to a vegetable basket, pizza store, or griddle without having to turn off the grill or stop cooking because of its removable cooking grate sections. You will surely obtain intense flexibility in a total unit because of its one of a kind design. The great thing is, the price is only $400 USD and you get all the extras of the grill. A lot of people are hoping that the sole dealer of this grill, which is Home Depot, will continue to have replacement parts.

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  • Great stuff! Although I think the Dyna-Glo DGE 5 Burner gas grill would make a great addition to the list here. It's not more than $400 yet it is a full sized and powerful grill for the price.

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